Contact Information

Head Teacher :
Mr. N. Lucas

Nursery teacher:
Mrs R. Stout


Fair Isle Primary School,
Fair Isle,
United Kingdom

Telephone Number:
(01595) 807245

Fax Number:
(01595) 760236

Our Community

The population of Fair Isle is about 67, including four children in the primary school, one in the nursery and five at the Anderson High School in Lerwick.

There are 16 crofts on the island and 11 other houses, including the nurse’s house, the schoolhouse, the shop and the bird observatory.


We have lots of high cliffs in Fair Isle, with the highest point on the island being Ward Hill in the north, which is 217 metres high. The north end of the island is heather moorland and the south end is crofting land.


boatYou can get to Fair Isle by ferry or by plane. The passenger and freight boat is called the Good Shepherd IV. It can carry up to 12 passengers.

The boat goes to mainland Shetland three times a week in the summer, and once a week in the winter. It takes 2.5 hours on the boat to get to Grutness in Shetland.



You can fly here from Tingwall airport, near Lerwick. The plane comes in four days a week in the summer and three days a week in the winter. The flight takes 25 minutes.




Fair Isle is famous for knitwear and birds. Fair Isle patterns are known and copied all over the world. You can buy hats, scarves, jumpers and cardigans with these patterns here on the island.



Lots of people visit Fair Isle to look at birds. There are thousands of seabirds, including puffins, gannets, guillemots, kittiwakes and Arctic skuas. People also come to see rare, migrating birds in spring and autumn. They can stay at the Fair Isle Bird Observatory, which opened more than 50 years ago.




Photographs by Dave Wheeler. Puffin by Deryk Shaw

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