Contact Information

Head Teacher :
Mr. N. Lucas

Nursery teacher:
Mrs R. Stout


Fair Isle Primary School,
Fair Isle,
United Kingdom

Telephone Number:
(01595) 807245

Fax Number:
(01595) 760236

Our School


There are five pupils in our school:

Primary 7 Amber
Primary 6 Robyn and Ythan
Primary 5 Maria
Nursery Grace

We learn in different ways and enjoy taking part in learning activities based on Curriculum for Excellence. We write a weekly newspaper called The Fair Isle Times.

Our school staff:

Head Teacher and Primary Class Teacher Mr. Nicholas Lucas
Nursery Teacher Mrs. Ruth Stout
ASN, PE and Head Teacher 's administration cover: Mrs. Ruth Stout
Nursery Assistant

Mrs Pat Thomson

Classroom Assistant TBA
Part-time Clerical Assistant Mrs. Hollie Shaw
Lunchtime Superviser Ms. Angie Young
School Cook Ms. Sue Hutchison
Cleaner Mr. David King



There is currently one pupil in our Nursery..


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